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Join me as I narrate my first attempt at parenting. As a stay at home daddy, it is not your most conventional family life. Expect lots of love, laughter and poo mixed into these stories!

Why the hell do I want to write a blog??

I have been entertaining the thought of writing a blog now for some time. I thought to myself: "Evan, blogs are a good form of therapy and they will also provide you with a good excuse to practice your web development." "Evan, you're so smart!" I stand here today with a Huggies wet wipe in one hand and broken dreams in the other hand. I am wiping the cream coloured, sour milk scented crap off of my 4 month old daughter's butt ("how the F did it end up on her armpit and belly button?") and I have an idea. Firstly, I've always felt uneasy when I slap some zinc cream on my finger and wipe it on her anus as she looks up to me with a loving smile on her face. Secondly, as I converse with a fellow co-worker about a bullying issue her son is dealing with at school, I realize I have a great theme for a blog!! Side note: I will most likely talk about the bully conversation in a near-future blog post. The details will introduce to you how I will handle these situatons with my own daughter. What about: my life's re-telling of the day to day situations I find myself in with a little touch of humour and ridiculousness? These situations will be in regards to being a father, husband and friend. I know what you're thinking. "Evan, There's a million of those types of blogs out there." Maybe you're not thinking that and you are thinking I'm a genius (this is the more likely scenario). The difference between all of those other blogs and mine is that I have been told that I have an incredible ability to find humour in some of the most disgusting, upsetting, depressing, frustrating, exciting, scary, happy, (too many emotional adjectives?), real life situations. Also, I can't stand the norm. I hate how children are sheltered from dealing with the many nuances of growing up. I hate how children parent the parents now. I hate the anti-bullying campaigns out there (see future posts). It's not that I don't think something has to be done about it, it's just that I think we are going about it all wrong, as I feel with many hot topics. Oh, and there will be profanity. I loooove profanity. Not as much as my wife though... she swears like a sailor and not some pansy, white cap wearing sailor. She is one of those life-long, wrinkled-up, salty tasting, anchor and ship tattooed sailors from Newfoundland. I'm blunt, extremely sarcastic, ridiculous, and I have very strong opinions on how you should raise a child, even though I've only been a parent for 4 months (I have strong opinions on a lot of things... I'm an ass...). I encourage open debates, as long as you can handle my rebuttals. I am also not afraid to test my theories over the next 18 years as my sweet, beautiful, heart-pinching baby girl grows up in some of the most challenging times. I'm sure I'll even be wrong sometimes, however unlikely that might be. I hope you will enjoy my journey of parenthood and husband-hood. I know I'm looking forward to it!!

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